Worldcom Public Relations Group Welcomes THREE New Partners

Worldcom Public Relations Group, the leading global partnership of public relations firms, continued building out its partnership by adding Fusion Communications, Inc. in Miami, Kirchhoff Consult in Hamburg, Germany and Vault Communications in Greater Philadelphia. The firms, which in addition to satisfying geographic needs, are outstanding agencies that each bring a unique skill set to the partnership.

  • Fusion is a minority-owned Hispanic agency that serves U.S.-based clients and also works with those same clients in Latin American countries, bridging the business and communications gap between.
  • Vault is a 100 percent women owned and certified business and provides strategic counsel and services to a broad range of national and international corporations.
  • Kirchhoff Consult is an Investor Relations and Financial PR firm with a leading market position in Germany, expanding the financial communication expertise of the region and globally.

Kaizo has been a partner of Worldcom’s for over 15 years.

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