The Truth About Tech Predictions: Review of 2021 and Insights for 2022

Predicting key trends for the new year has been a tech PR staple for decades. Technology that takes years to develop can pass a tipping point within months and transform markets. Others take years to build momentum, often requiring a convergence with other developing technologies to take off.

From inside the niches of the technology industry these shifts can sometimes seem obvious. However, the last two years have been far from business as normal. The development and adoption of certain technologies has dramatically accelerated.What does this mean for our ability to accurately predict the most interesting trends? Which predictions from 2020 stood the test of time and conversely which did not?

To find out we conducted an audit of last year’s tech vendor predictions published in a range of technology media and asked our Kaizo tech media panel for their thoughts. Read our new business report for a summary of our findings which we hope will help you develop compelling, relevant and insightful predictions that cut through in 2022. Please click here to access the full report.

For further insights and thoughts on your 2022 predictions, please contact: Steph MacLeod, on

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