Social doesn’t always mean sales as traditional media tops buying behaviour poll

Research from Kaizo has today revealed that despite the power of social, traditional media still has more influence on what we buy than information sourced on social media. Looking at consumer electronics buying behaviour the research reveals that reviews websites are four times more influential than Facebook in helping us choose what to buy.

Rating different information sources, almost half (44%) of consumers said reviews websites helped them decide what to buy, compared to only one in ten (12%) who are influenced by content on Facebook and 5% by content on Twitter. 21% people said news stories in traditional media affect what they buy.

Social still plays a valuable role however as, although a third of people on Facebook never Like a brand (32%), a quarter (22%) of us interact with a brand once a month or more on the social network.

For full details of Kaizo’s findings into consumer buying behaviour and accompanying  infographic please click here.



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