Rudimental celebrate ‘The Art of Beat Making’ with ROLI BLOCKS


UK drum and bass band Rudimental demonstrated to an eager crowd of fans how anyone can make brand new music with ROLI BLOCKS at an invite-only affair at London’s Regent St Apple store earlier this winter.

Apple’s exclusive ‘The Art of Beat-Making’ event was hosted by the Mercury Prize nominated musicians, who have collaborated with global pop icons such as Ed Sheeran and Bobby Womack. And the ROLI team from Kaizo were there for a sneak peak into the band’s creative process.

Overall, it was a fantastic event, with the captivated crowd filling the Apple store theatre and enjoying a lively interview with the band, whose East London roots have exposed them to a massive mix of musical influences, embracing drum and bass, soul, jungle and house music.

Recording creative ideas easily, on the road

Amir Amor, Rudimental’s lead singer, noted how they used many different instruments in the creative process when making their albums while on the road. He also enthused about the fact that now, with the likes of ROLI BLOCKS, traditional instruments can be replaced by innovative and accessible devices allowing creative ideas to be recorded easily.

The band’s Piers Agget added: “It’s perfect now, because there are devices that fit in your pocket. You can even make music on a small EasyJet flight, then transfer it into the studio.”

The band revealed how they were working on a new album in their East London studio and Piers explained that one of the great things about BLOCKS is their portability. “Lots of Rudimental’s most interesting musical ideas came out of travelling on the road and BLOCKS supports this type of creativity,” said Agget.

The possibilities opened up by a modular music studio

Next up, Rudimental’s DJ Locksmith was also excited about the possibilities, adding that having BLOCKS opens up and makes this process much easier for the aspiring musician. He also joked that as the modular music studio was so easy to use he may have to start stealing from his young relatives using BLOCKS!

Following the interview Rudimental joined Italian producers Parisi for two utterly mesmerising BLOCKS jams. Seated in a semi-circle the musical collaborators tapped, slid, gestured and improvised across the multi-coloured glowing surfaces of their Lightpad BLOCKS, creating some genuinely incredible sounds, drum beats and melodic rhythms.

The awesome performance was further enhanced and assisted by the free modular music app NOISE a brilliant creative tool and the software engine of BLOCKS. The crowd were quick to show their appreciation and delight at the end of the jam session and were then, of course, extremely eager to try the BLOCKS out for themselves.

So come on all you rappers, composers and budding pop creators! The democratisation of music-making that the techies have been banging on about for years is finally here.

And pretty much everyone can make original music on BLOCKS. Rudimental and Parisi have shown you the way. Shaping music with Lightpad blocks isn’t complicated, its *ahem*  rudimentary.


The Lightpad Block, Live Block, and Loop Block are exclusively available at,, and Apple Stores around the world. With a Lightpad Block retailing at £169.95 and the Live Block and Loop Block at £69.95, BLOCKS is extraordinarily affordable as well as powerful.


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