Re-visiting the state of play in the US market

In the latest edition of KaizoLive! we spoke with some of our Worldcom partners about consumer and business confidence in the United States, following a turbulent 6 months punctuated by significant economic, social and political changes. We discussed how companies and brands in the US have been adjusting and communicating within the context of a global pandemic, large scale social justice movements and an explosive presidential election season.

Some of the key themes that emerged included the need for brands to ‘embrace agile’, show empathy and be prepared to pivot communications strategies and messages in response to a rapidly changing news agenda. Our panellists from Madison Avenue, The Airfoil Group and The Pollack Group also highlighted the increased importance of owned channels, digital content and upskilling, and understanding key audiences.

The full episode, hosted by Kaizo Director Steph MacLeod, can be viewed here.

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