Oxford University Press

Promoting international education partnerships with Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press (OUP) is one of the most famous academic publishers in the world.

We work with OUP on projects to promote its educational work in countries around the world. This includes a recent partnership deal with Nickelodeon, which united famous characters such as Dora the Explorer with OUP’s educational expertise to help young students around the world learn English as a second language.

To highlight the unlikely yet creative partnership between OUP and Nickelodeon, we centred the launch activity on a photoshoot in historic Oxford with Dora the Explorer. By capitalising on the ‘celebrity’ nature of the beloved children’s character, in conjunction with the iconic OUP brand, we were able to generate coverage across key trade and national publications. This included an interview with OUP on BBC World TV’s flagship business programme ‘Talking Business’, exploring English’s enduring popularity as a global second language and positioning OUP as the international experts in English language learning.