Debunking myths around hydration and sports performance

Although the benefits of caffeine for sports performance are well known, especially for endurance sports like running and cycling, it is also commonly believed that coffee is de-hydrating.

We were tasked to debunk this myth for the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC), to provide some credible commentary with key sports and science audiences. To do this we worked alongside leading sports scientists at the University of Birmingham to highlight newly published research that showed coffee to be as hydrating as water.

The results included 110 pieces of coverage across 14 countries including in UK national newspapers Daily Mail and Daily Express, U.S. TV news network ABC. A four page feature in Runner’s World Magazine describing coffee as the ‘fully legal, conclusively proven performance enhancer in your kitchen cupboard’.


110 Pieces of coverage
288 million OTS
4 page Feature in Runner's World