Highlighting a tech-life balance for computer memory experts

As many Brits prefer to ignore a slow running PC or fork out on a brand new one rather than fixing it with a simple memory upgrade, we devised a Tech-life Balance campaign to show just how easy it can be. We highlighted the hidden benefits of upgrading a computer’s memory to bring new, less tech minded customers to memory experts

We highlighted wasted time, impact on relationships, the changing face of school curriculum and the General Election with creative hooks, pitches and content.

The resultant 120 pieces of national and regional coverage – with 20,251,188 opportunities to see – plus integrated marketing and messaging saw traffic reach 1,484,527 unique visitors.

‘’Kaizo delivered an effective consumer PR programme for us. They have been excellent at thinking, planning and delivering a variety of creative campaigns for our UK market, many of which were so successful we simply had to use them in other international markets. ‘’

Fabrice Sabo