Supporting the growth of a FinTech success story

BlackLine’s mission is to modernise the way accounting and finance work by delivering a fresh approach known as Continuous Accounting, which embeds automation and control within day-to-day activities.

Since its launch we’ve worked closely with BlackLine through UK market growth, expansion across Europe and a recent IPO. As the company has expanded its presence in EMEA we have continued to raise the profile of BlackLine technology, building public awareness of issues surrounding automation, fraud detection and compliance.

Alongside our day-to-day press office activities we’ve spearheaded a highly successful executive leadership profiling programme, with a particular focus on BlackLine’s CEO, Therese Tucker, who has appeared regularly on BBC and features in profiles and at events for the FT.

“Kaizo are a dream team to work with.  Their patience in dealing with a non-media savvy person is really appreciated and whatever I ask of them they continue to deliver excellent work.”

Carol Orr