Personal data start-up appoints Kaizo for UK profiling, a decentralised personal data management platform that allows consumers to privately and securely aggregate data from across their digital lives, has chosen Kaizo as its retained agency.

Immediate work has included valuable profiling of’s technology, which allows people, businesses and even governments to harness the untapped power of personal data, in a safe, secure and legally-compliant environment. This included an interview with the business’ founder, Julian Ranger, on the GDPR special of BBC Click. enables a value exchange economy, with personal data as the currency. Users can share defined sections of their library with businesses in exchange for an agreed benefit covering personalised service, convenience or reward. The user controls exactly what can be accessed and can revoke permission at any time. In 2018, was named as one of the top 100 European digital pioneers by the Financial Times.

With major projects on the horizon, Kaizo will continue to profile the business and its latest use cases from the UK and beyond.

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We’re pleased to have once again successfully passed the @PRCA_UK Communications Management Standard! 😊