Part Ball. Part Robot. All Fun. Kaizo appointed to launch Sphero in the UK

The robotic ball enjoyed by President Obama available now here

Kaizo has been appointed to launch the latest consumer technology sensation from the States. Sphero, created by Orbotix, is like nothing anyone has seen before.  A completely new type of gaming system, it is the world’s first robotic ball that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone and tablet. You can drive Sphero from any Android or iOS device and play tabletop and multiplayer games. Hold Sphero in your hand to use it as a controller for on-screen gameplay, change his colour to suit any mood and learn basic programming for this adorable little robot.

The Sphero ball earned a positive review from U.S. President Obama during a visit to Boulder, Colorado, earlier this year. After watching a demonstration, President Obama said, “I like that… let me drive this around. Excuse me, give me some space to drive my ball.”

Rhodri Harries Managing Director for Kaizo said:

“Sphero is a truly amazing innovation, we are delighted to have been brought on board at this exciting time. From gaming to encouraging kids to code the possibilities and applications are very far reaching. Expect this to be the top of wishlists for all generations for years to come. ”

There are more than 20 apps to choose from including multi-player apps and arcade-style games as well as games for all the family. Example ways to use Sphero include:

  • Drive: Race Sphero on a homemade obstacle course, go for a swim, play a round of golf, or invent your own game. You can even disguise Sphero to prank your friends!
  • Multiplayer Games: With multiplayer apps, Sphero is the life of the party. Bring friends and family together with several Spheros, or connect one Sphero to multiple devices
  • Game Controller: Use Sphero as a controller for intuitive on-screen gameplay. Hold Sphero to tilt, turn, and aim with ease
  • Mixed Reality Gaming: Play in the real world, control it from your smartphone. Your experience changes with every new app, and more are always on the way
  • Program, Create, Discover: Apps like MacroLab make programming Sphero fun and simple. Tech savvy? Use Sphero’s SDK to create your own apps
  • Customise: The fun doesn’t stop with Sphero apps. Use ramps to build obstacle courses, command a chariot, and even customize your Sphero for different environments

Kelly Zachos, Orbotix, said:

“Sphero is fun for everyone, from families playing around the dinner table at Christmas to teens playing multi-reality games outside. You can even create and play your own apps.”

The Sphero is priced at £99.99 and is available in store from MenKind and online from Amazon, Firebox, and other retailers.

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