Not quite the usual extra hour in bed…

As part of our “sleep-well with COTTON USA” campaign we took to the streets of London in the world’s fastest motorised bed. The aim: to highlight the use of natural U.S. cotton in bed sheets and clothing to aid a better night’s sleep.

To be honest, I had begun to get slightly nervous when my colleague pointed out a BBC weather report predicting sleet showers throughout the day. Thermal layers and woolly hats would clearly be a necessity.

What met me when I arrived at the office at 7.45am on a crisp December morning (sun shining beautifully may I add) was a small crowd of people gathered around a huge bed with shiny bed knobs and a thick duvet – and a steering wheel. Oh, and seat belts of course. This was the Cotton Cruiser, the world record holder for the fastest bed in the world (at 69 miles per hour)!

And drive around London we did, taking in all the sights including Kaizo’s offices, Tower Bridge, Waterloo and Westminster, attracting crowds of bemused onlookers grabbing their cameras.

Cotton Cruiser

The plan was to invite Londoners to have their photos taken with the bed, which they could then download from the COTTON USA website. We had partnered with a sleep expert at the Edinburgh Sleep Centre and handed out business cards containing our top tips to aid a better night’s sleep. It worked, people loved it! We needn’t have worried about police or traffic wardens moving us on, they just wanted their picture taken with the bed.


All in all it was a very successful event that generated word-of-mouth amongst members of the public, drove traffic to the COTTON USA website and highlighted cotton as a natural aid to the perfect slumber.

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