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A media eye on consumer tech; bouncing back after a pandemic

In a year where gadgets have played a greater role in our lives, both in business and at home, the latest edition of #KaizoLive explored the challenges and opportunities the past 12 months have created for the global consumer electronics industry, as well as what the ‘next normal’ could look like from a commercial and […]

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The healthcare and pharma sectors are enjoying a reputation boom – but are comms professionals too overworked to reap the benefits?

The pandemic has resulted in a reputation boom for the healthcare and pharma sectors – traditionally, sectors the public has previously viewed with distrust. The irony, however, is that the pandemic has overtaxed comms professionals in these sectors to the point where they are struggling to reap the benefits of such a boost. According to […]

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Tech Communications roles transformed by the pandemic

Technology comms professionals’ roles expanded on both sides of the Atlantic as pandemic restrictions hit; increasing challenges, mental health pressures, and shifting demands on agencies London, United Kingdom, 27 April 2021, 78% of technology communications professionals say that their role has expanded, with an increased focus beyond earned media due to the impact of COVID-19. […]

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From highlighting the technology leading us out of the pandemic and announcing latest launches to creating noise ar…