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Bamigo tries on Kaizo for UK launch

Bamigo, a growing sustainable men’s fashion brand that produces a range of innovative men’s clothing crafted using bamboo fibres, has brought on Kaizo to lead its UK launch. The company offers an eco-friendly and more durable alternative to regular cotton clothing – as bamboo needs only sunlight and rainwater to grow, it is kinder to […]

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New Report: The Era of the Expert

The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses to adapt their working practices and priorities almost overnight. Six months in, it looks like the disruption and uncertainty caused the pandemic is set to continue. With a sharpened focus on public health, healthcare brands in particular have had to rethink the way they communicate and connect with their […]

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A media eye on consumer tech: experience, changes, and expectations

In the latest edition of Kaizo Live! we spoke with Jonathan Margolis, award-winning technology journalist, about how the consumer technology sector has evolved and changed over the last 5-10  years. In Jonathan’s Financial Times column, Talking Tech, he reviews the best technology products for a large global following. He explains that one of the biggest […]

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