New Kaizo report: Communicating AI – Do UK Media Believe the Hype?

AI could deliver a £232 billion boost to the UK economy by 2030, equivalent to a 10.3% rise in GDP according to PWC, making the application of AI one of the largest economic opportunities for the UK.

Recent successes suggest AI technologies are beginning to make demonstrable contributions to society. For instance, in the fight against the COVID Pandemic AI technologies surged as scientists worked to make sense of the mass of data available.

Media and public perceptions of AI vary widely. For many people, stories about long-promised driverless cars and persistent speculation around the threat of AI to jobs and even humanity reflect the current state of AI. Yet in the background, AI is driving change and optimization, largely unseen.

But is the hype now the reality, and with many tech brands talking about AI, how do media feel about the way they communicate? Can the tech industry effectively communicate the reality of AI’s impact? Kaizo recently asked our panel of UK technology journalists for their thoughts. Read our new report to read our findings, please click here to access the full report.

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