My ‘This Morning’ Big Break?

The right national television exposure still has a huge impact on product sales, as we’ve witnessed from coverage generated for clients on the likes of GMTV and Something for the Weekend. So in the run up to Christmas we secured a week long promotion on ITV’s This Morning for client Flip Video.

Setting out late last week to oversee the pre-recording of the competition (currently airing this week and already having a very positive impact!), I was thinking that perhaps my dreams of becoming a world famous actor and telling every Tom, Dick and Harry that “I now work in television” might finally come true.


What a day, from the director’s cries of ‘ACTION!’, presenter Jeff Brazier frantically rehearsing his lines and my role ensuring that the right products were in the right hands at the right time, although not my hands as I was very firmly ‘behind camera’.

So, as far as my acting career goes, suffice to say it doesn’t! But hey, remembering other peoples’ lines was never my forté anyway. I’ll definitely leave it to the professionals. Perhaps I’ll take up singing instead. Now, where’s that X-Factor contact?


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