My mission to Misiones

This week I’ve been on a top secret mission to Argentina – more details to follow in the new year, but here’s a taster of what I got up to…





Friday night I headed off to Heathrow to catch my plane to Argentina. As you can see, I was rather excited (sadly the woman behind me, didn’t share this feeling).

14 hours later I landed in Buenos Aires, checked into my hotel and did a little sightseeing before my onward flight to the final destination.

Stopping off for a steak and Malbec, naturally…

Then it was back to the airport. Once I’d met up with the film crew and my client from Truvia, we headed onwards to Posadas in the province of Misiones, North Argentina….pausing at the airport for some filming of the journey.

From there it was a 1 ½ hour drive to Alem. En route the scenery was beautiful – clear skies, the sun shining and lush greenery everywhere.

We finally made it to the Co-operative, our final destination. Here we met some of the farmers and they showed us the fields where they grew and harvested their stevia (the plant from which Truvia is made). The crew were fascinated as they tasted the leaves for themselves and questioned our client on the plants origins, its uses and how it’s turned into a sweetener.

After a long day filming the sun finally set on Misiones

All in all, it was a great trip…despite the exotic bugs!!!

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