Motivating consumer behaviour change around health and wellbeing with PR Moment

Mintel predicts that the widespread use of devices which provide consumers with “knowledge and self-analysis” will be one of the biggest consumer trends in 2015 – with nearly a third (31%) of UK consumers interested in using a smart watch with fitness functionality, and 40% interested in a device that tracks heart rate, blood pressure and movement.

The challenge for brands now is how to engage and influence this new generation of empowered, self-aware consumers.

We’re partnering with PR Moment to hold an event which discusses these challenges in the context of health and wellbeing, and explores further what this means for marketers.

Duncan Cantor, Director of Communications at Boehringer Ingelheim, Sarah Gibbons, Head of Communications Strategy, Department of Health and Rachael Rees, Director at Kaizo will share their thoughts on how brands are informing, influencing and motivating consumer behaviours.

Join us on Thursday 16th July from 5.30pm, at 1 Quality Court, Chancery Lane (corner of 46/47) WC2A 1HR.

For more information and to register your attendance, click here.

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