Merry Christmas from Kaizo

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Kaizo!

With the year coming to an end we wanted to thank all our clients, partners and suppliers for their ongoing support throughout 2015.

It’s been a good one. Our clients have ranged from the biggest brands to some of the fastest growing businesses; from record breaking flotations, to those harnessing the power of the Force (BB-8 we love you!). We are extremely proud to have had the pleasure of working with some of the most exciting brands in the market and to have shared in their success throughout the year.

• We continue to work with some of the most admired companies in business technology including; BlackLine, Bluewolf, Brocade, CA Technologies, IP EXPO Europe, NetSuite and Sharp Europe.

• We’ve launched amazing new disruptive products in consumer technology as well as driven customer grabbing campaigns for brands including:, Fitbit, House of Marley, JAM, Marbotics, ROLI, and Sphero.

• We’ve shown a healthy growth in our wellbeing and science teams. Our programmes have driven engagement and supported reputations with audiences as diverse as academics, HCPs and of course consumers, for businesses including: Elsevier, Coffee and Health, HeartAge, Johnson & Johnson, Mendeley and Solazyme.

• We’ve been honoured to support major brands in the consumer space including; COTTON USA, David Lloyd Leisure, Docklands Light Railway, Dunkin Donuts, HoMedics and Salter.

Here’s to everyone having a wonderfully peaceful Christmas break, in preparation for what we hope will be an amazing 2016!


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