Kaizo to sponsor Tom Olsen Lecture with Nick Clegg

Kaizo is once again sponsoring the Tom Olsen that takes places at St Brides Church off Fleet Street in London.


This year the Lecture will be given by Nick Clegg, who will be talking about “Brexit, Trump and the politics of fear: is populism here to stay”. Drawing on his personal experiences in politics and government, and unique insights on the European debate, Nick will explore how liberals and those who believe in the politics of reason and moderation can rise to the new economic and social challenges of the 21st century.


The lecture is held every year at St Brides, commonly known as the Journalist church, in honour of Tom Olsen who had a long career in journalism, and is for those in the law, in journalism and in the immediate Fleet Street community. Over the years, lawyers, writers, politicians and others have given the address. Speakers ranging from David Attenborough to PD James, Peter Hitchens, The Archbishop of Canterbury and John Simpson have entertained and enthralled audiences drawn from Fleet Street, the City and beyond.


The lecture takes place in the evening of 29 March. For further information click here.


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