Kaizo recognised by the PR industry as the leaders in Web 2.0 communications

Kaizo stole the show at the PRCA’s annual awards ceremony, picking up the inaugural Web 2.0 award, arguably the most sought after accolade as it represents the future of the communications industry.

Kaizo’s thought-leading work with Simple, the UK’s number one sensitive skincare brand, was recognised by the panel of judges as truly Web 2.0 because of the way that it engaged and involved Simple’s customers on a level never seen before in this market.

The challenge all businesses face in the Web 2.0 world is how to adapt and re-model their traditional marketing initiatives to the way consumers are now creating and consuming information. Kaizo’s philosophy is simple. Listen to your customers. With this in mind, Kaizo developed SimplyCity, a direct consumer engagement panel that to date has recruited 4,000 brand advocates. Advocates that voluntarily become involved in key business decisions and drive positive brand recommendations offline, whilst also providing Simple with clear, cost effective and invaluable consumer insight. In essence, the Kaizo strategy is turning Simple’s customers into a volunteer salesforce.

Crispin Manners, director of service innovation at Kaizo, commented: “Web 2.0 is changing everything. Businesses have to realise they have no control over what their customers say about them. It’s time for brands to rethink ‘tell’ dominated campaigns and adopt an ‘ask’ strategy that turns customers into advisers. What our effort with SimplyCity has proven, is that when you exceed customers’ expectations they love to be treated as advisers. We have been blown away by the complete positivity that our WOM approach has uncovered.”

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