Kaizo launches UreLife® card, the UK’s first prepaid debit card with built-in Government-approved proof-of-age

– Card offers major breakthrough for retailers, online retailers and parents in challenge of age verification

Kaizo has launched the UK’s first ever prepaid card to incorporate Government-approved proof-of-age verification, the UreLife card.

Rhodri Harries, Managing Director of Kaizo, said: ”We were delighted to be appointed to launch this card which is a major step forward for parents, retailers and licencees in terms of age verification, but also offers those under and over 18 a new savvy option for storing and carrying their money. Our programme is multileveled and includes a significant digital element given the age of the audience we are trying to reach. ”

About UreLife

By combining a prepaid Visa debit card with a colour photograph and PASS[1] accredited proof-of-age hologram. This provides an entirely new way for parents and retailers, and for the first time online retailers, to stop underage spending on age-restricted goods. The ground-breaking new UreLife cards also offer teenagers and young adults new levels of freedom and security when shopping.

Carl Horne, Director at UreLife commented: “The UreLife card is a new, safer way to carry, manage and spend money. Under-18s will have all the benefits and freedoms of cashless spending, while the proof-of-age mechanism will restrict purchases of alcohol, cigarettes and other age-restricted products. The benefits for retailers and parents are clear to see.”

The UreLife card is available at launch for five age groups; 12-15 years, 16-17 years, 18-20 years, 21+ years and 60+ years. Cards are colour-coded according to the age category of the cardholder and a colour photograph, PASS hologram and printed date of birth makes the card unique. Application forms for the cards can be downloaded from the UreLife website at www.urelife.com

Online proof-of-age

The UreLife card incorporates a unique numbering system that allows online retailers to easily and automatically reject payments from underage purchasers. The long number on the card – required for online and telephone payments – directly corresponds to the cardholder’s age-bracket. The seventh and eight digit of the number reflect the age group in a simple and easily identifiable system.

 Mr Horne added: “We have developed a unique but uncomplicated way that allows online retailers to easily and automatically identify the age-group of cardholders for the first time. This offers online retailers and parents great peace of mind.”

The card can also be used as an online ‘gatekeeper’ to restrict adult access to specific websites, chat-rooms and social networks aimed at children.

Other key benefits

Unlike other prepaid cards, when topped up once a month, UreLife has no hidden costs, commission or fees. If this is done once a month, topping up the card by ten pounds means ten pounds is added directly to the card balance and the cardholder can spend the full ten pounds.

As a prepaid debit card, a UreLife card carries a balance that can be ‘topped-up’ by telephone debit transaction, direct debit or via cheque and postal orders – much the same as a pay-as-you-go mobile phone. The card does not include a credit facility, meaning that users cannot get into debt through the use of the card. Those under 18 need proof-of-age identification to gain membership to clubs and organisations, discounted products and travel cards.

UreLife allows them to prove their age and pay for the items with the same card. For UreLife cardholders over the age of 18, the card provides a useful budgeting tool that also acts as proof-of-age on night out or when purchasing age-restricted items.

Launching the card on Oxford Street were actors Hannah Lederer-Alton (17) and Ed Speleers (21), stars of ITV1’s Echo Beach. – ENDS –

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