Hot Trends For 2010

Consumer trends change and evolve continuously, so it is vital for companies to keep track of developments and insights.  Identifying trends can provide enormous benefits for businesses – ensuring they remain relevant, essential, and successful.

The trends that are important are those that show how consumers are changing. So, whilst in 2009 fear played an important role in shaping consumer behaviours, 2010 is set to see the start of the return of consumer confidence. Mintel, the market research company, has suggested a new set of consumer values for 2010, with ‘balance’ and ‘resilience’ being peppered with ‘escapism’ inside and outside the home. So, a hopeful look towards the future as we encounter a more positive outlook.

So what else is set to come out on top for the year? Whilst digital has been delved into in the past, make no mistake, 2010 is the year of digital, with consumer electronics dominating trending search terms.  This month’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was hit by 3-D mania, fuelled by impressive new TVs sets and the epic film Avatar.  This year and beyond will be focused on 3-D.  E-readers are also set to revolutionise the way we all read content, particularly with a whole host of new e-readers being launched on the back of the success of the Amazon Kindle.

But, as always, the real value in tracking consumer trends is the ability to predict how today’s trends will again develop tomorrow. By always looking to the next stage of the consumer journey…or leap, and the future implications, means that brands will be able to stay one step ahead and adapt before their competitors.

Consumer trends

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