Day one of Google’s latest assault on Facebook

Google yesterday announced its latest assault on the world of social and more specifically, Facebook. With Facebook’s massive user base and seemingly relentless desire to bring the entire internet inside Facebook, Google has for some time been looking for a way to address the threat to its bottom line. The Google+ project, revealed yesterday with […]

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Hot Trends For 2010

Consumer trends change and evolve continuously, so it is vital for companies to keep track of developments and insights.  Identifying trends can provide enormous benefits for businesses – ensuring they remain relevant, essential, and successful. The trends that are important are those that show how consumers are changing. So, whilst in 2009 fear played an […]

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‘Micro news cycles’ challenge for brands

Brands are increasingly called into question everyday on blogs, Twitter, YouTube etc. The challenge, from a communications perspective, can be to spot when crisis is a crisis, and when and how to respond. Ten to fifteen years ago, other than the occasional interruption of radio and possibly TV news, many crises worked across a timeframe […]

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This morning we're at @CNBCi, where @eschulze9 will be interviewing @BlackLine CEO Therese Tucker for…