Kaizo Launches Jam Multi Room Wifi Speakers

Kaizo has launched two new home audio products, the JAM Symphony and JAM Rhythm for JAM Wireless Audio, maker of the number-one selling Bluetooth speaker in the UK. These premiere Wi-Fi speakers,  launched at a house party staged in central London, offer the power to build a complete home sound solution without complex wiring or […]

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Kaizo launches Norwegian pants sensation Comfyballs in the UK

Comfyballs, one of Norway’s best kept secrets that has worked long and hard to create the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made, has been launched in the UK by Kaizo. Often referred to as a “Wonderbra for balls”, the underwear has a host of USPs including balls squeeze avoidance (BSA), reduced heat transfer (RHT) and […]

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Congratulations to our clients @AudioAnalytic and @PureStorage for their wins last night in the @Awards_AI 3rd Glob…