CES and the future of virtual tech events

With CES 2021 opening virtually this year, we spoke with BBC Click and tech TV presenter, Lara Lewington, about the impacts of such tech events going online and how TV news production has adapted to remote working. Being a CES regular, Lara shares her experience of attending the tech event from the comfort of her […]

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Communicating health messages post-COVID

This Kaizo Live we explore communicating health messages in a post-pandemic world with Dr. Sonal Shah, NHS GP, lifestyle medicine expert and growing healthcare influencer. Hear insights on the changes in healthcare messaging, how information is shared, the role of the expert, the issue of misinformation and how health communication will evolve at a local […]

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Why must caring top the list of must-have qualities for leaders? Burak Koyuncu, Managing Director of Workforce Solu…