The return to the office – considerations for companies

With restrictions easing in the UK, we’ve been reflecting on our previous #KaizoLive discussion with Jane Fordham, leading people, culture and inclusion consultant, on what companies should be thinking about when returning to the new office normal. Check out our insights and tips below: Keep up to date with government guidance and adjust working practices […]

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A media eye on consumer tech; bouncing back after a pandemic

In a year where gadgets have played a greater role in our lives, both in business and at home, the latest edition of #KaizoLive explored the challenges and opportunities the past 12 months have created for the global consumer electronics industry, as well as what the ‘next normal’ could look like from a commercial and […]

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The healthcare and pharma sectors are enjoying a reputation boom – but are comms professionals too overworked to reap the benefits?

The pandemic has resulted in a reputation boom for the healthcare and pharma sectors – traditionally, sectors the public has previously viewed with distrust. The irony, however, is that the pandemic has overtaxed comms professionals in these sectors to the point where they are struggling to reap the benefits of such a boost. According to […]

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Scams are surging in the UK and are becoming increasingly sophisticated and tricky to spot. @Michal_Salat from…