Aetna International appoints Kaizo to provide global support

Aetna International, a leading provider of global health benefits, has appointed Kaizo to provide global support to build its brand across business, health and government audiences.

Aetna International specialises in providing expatriate health benefits to more than 800,000 members worldwide. In collaboration with government and health organisations, it also delivers comprehensive health benefits and population health management solutions, helping to create a stronger, healthier global community.

Kaizo’s role working into Global Communications Director Anna Tomlinson, will be to help raise awareness of the Aetna International brand and its wider portfolio, through strategic media relations, coordination of international regional PR support, and by developing global PR campaigns.

Anna Tomlinson said: “We are excited to be working with Kaizo as we build our brand beyond its traditional insurance base. Through our work with businesses, governments and individuals we have an exciting story to tell around how technology and new ways to access primary care can make healthcare more personalised, accessible and convenient than ever before.”

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