A media eye on consumer tech: experience, changes, and expectations

In the latest edition of Kaizo Live! we spoke with Jonathan Margolis, award-winning technology journalist, about how the consumer technology sector has evolved and changed over the last 5-10  years. In Jonathan’s Financial Times column, Talking Tech, he reviews the best technology products for a large global following. He explains that one of the biggest changes in the industry has been the development of apps and software designed to complement traditional hardware.

Despite the absence of many 21st century pop culture predictions, like flying cars and hover boards, smart phone technology has taken the world by storm and transformed how we all live. Our panellists discuss how more recently, the pandemic has made way for simple technology with a practical purpose, such as headphones and upright phone chargers, which help to enhance and enrich the working from home experience.

Jonathan talks about the importance of good media relationships and strategic PR advice, as brands seek to implement successful and impactful product launches in this new environment. And with Christmas around the corner, he shares his predictions for this year’s must have gadgets, including the PS5 and Xbox Series X, Apple’s SE products and the Kaizo launched Ember mug.

The full episode, hosted by Kaizo Managing Director Rhodri Harries, can be viewed here. Browse our previous episodes here.

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