A media eye on consumer tech; bouncing back after a pandemic

In a year where gadgets have played a greater role in our lives, both in business and at home, the latest edition of #KaizoLive explored the challenges and opportunities the past 12 months have created for the global consumer electronics industry, as well as what the ‘next normal’ could look like from a commercial and communications perspective. Kaizo Managing Director Rhodri Harries was joined by Guy Cocker, technology journalist, commentator and previous Editor-in-Chief of Stuff Magazine. Guy has written for Sky News, talkRADIO, the Telegraph and Metro, as well helping to launch CNET and Gamespot in the UK.

When discussing key trends from the past year, our panelists agreed that technology has solidified its position in our daily lives. Companies like Zoom, Microsoft and Netflix have smashed their competitors during lockdown and have become an essential part of everyday living. Meanwhile, the way technology intersects with public health and our environment is growing. Guy also highlighted the increasing crossover between technology and finance – in particular the public’s growing interest in cryptocurrency. He noted a boom in consumer investment in recent months, driven in part by young people following trends on Reddit, which could one day lead to consumers leaving traditional financial institutions behind.

Our panelists also discussed the return of physical events that will allow journalists and consumers to see new products up close and in person. This will be a relief for many smaller brands, according to Guy, which often rely on events as their ‘break out’ opportunity. From a PR and communications perspective, more face-to-face connections between PR professionals and tech journalists will also help to re-establish relationships and ensure brands are reaching the media and audiences most interested in their products.

Last but not least, Guy also filled us in on his favourite tech. He revealed that he is a big fan of electric scooters – an example, he said, of where government regulation needs to catch up with a booming industry, consumer demand and need for sustainable modes of transport.

 Catch the full episode, hosted by Kaizo Managing Director Rhodri Harries, here. Browse our previous episodes here.



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