Communicating health messages post-COVID

This Kaizo Live we explore communicating health messages in a post-pandemic world with Dr. Sonal Shah, NHS GP, lifestyle medicine expert and growing healthcare influencer. Hear insights on the changes in healthcare messaging, how information is shared, the role of the expert, the issue of misinformation and how health communication will evolve at a local […]

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Bamigo tries on Kaizo for UK launch

Bamigo, a growing sustainable men’s fashion brand that produces a range of innovative men’s clothing crafted using bamboo fibres, has brought on Kaizo to lead its UK launch. The company offers an eco-friendly and more durable alternative to regular cotton clothing – as bamboo needs only sunlight and rainwater to grow, it is kinder to […]

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How do B2B buyers get technology information?

In this edition of Kaizo Live we welcomed Dale Vile, CEO and Distinguished Analyst at Freeform Dynamics, an IT analyst firm, to discuss the processes underlying technology buying decisions. Who decides what to buy? What do they base their decision on? And where do they get their information from? After working as a software developer, […]

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From highlighting the technology leading us out of the pandemic and announcing latest launches to creating noise ar…