Analyse this! Web analytics are changing the world of journalism. Have you considered how this changes your next communications plan?

We started off by looking at the impact that the inherent measurability of digital media is having on the way that journalists in the technology sector work and what now needs to be considered when planning PR and marketing campaigns. Web analytics have been routinely used by organisations for site optimisation to improve search ranking […]

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Sphero 2.0 – As seen on ITV!

Orbotix, the makers of Sphero, today announced the reinvention of the ball. Again. Sphero 2.0 is the world’s first app-controlled robotic ball and game system, and now it’s faster, brighter and smarter than ever before. Included in the roll-out are brand new accessories, including ramps and protective Nubby covers to pimp your ride. Available at for […]

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Congratulations to our clients @AudioAnalytic and @PureStorage for their wins last night in the @Awards_AI 3rd Glob…