Clarity on food labels – mission impossible?

Last week’s announcement [] that UK food manufacturers have been asked to remove ‘display until’ and ‘sell-by’ date labels from food packaging takes us one step closer to clearer, more user-friendly food labels. Or does it? According to research carried out by the Food and Drink Federation [], shoppers continue to be confused by the […]

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Scoring at Freshers Week with BlablaCar

Whilst watching Wednesday’s opening episode of Fresh Meat – the new comedy about a bunch of Freshers arriving at uni, boozing, then awkwardly sleeping with/making friends with other students they’d ordinarily never speak to in a million years – a text popped up on my phone: “Ch4 meat show now is gd indicatr 4 2mrw”. […]

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Food merging with Pharma:senior nutrition trends to watch

Last week’s webinar Medical Nutrition – Focus on Trends and Developments made for interesting viewing. How nutrition can help prevent and manage age-related diseases in the rapidly ageing population is a growing focus for the food industry. Elena Groothuizen from Innova Market Insights highlighted how ageing well is a priority for the estimated 2 million […]

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Great to be included in the @PRcareersUK list of PR internships and graduate schemes! Looking to kickstart your car…