What’s your Wikipedia strategy?

Ok, so ‘strategy’ is perhaps pushing it a bit. But the popularity of Wikipedia means that it has quickly become one of the internet’s biggest and widest disseminators of information. Whatever your thoughts surrounding the use of Wikipedia for finding ‘factual’ information, it can’t be ignored as a communications tool. With this in mind, last […]

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‘Micro news cycles’ challenge for brands

Brands are increasingly called into question everyday on blogs, Twitter, YouTube etc. The challenge, from a communications perspective, can be to spot when crisis is a crisis, and when and how to respond. Ten to fifteen years ago, other than the occasional interruption of radio and possibly TV news, many crises worked across a timeframe […]

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My ‘This Morning’ Big Break?

The right national television exposure still has a huge impact on product sales, as we’ve witnessed from coverage generated for clients on the likes of GMTV and Something for the Weekend. So in the run up to Christmas we secured a week long promotion on ITV’s This Morning for client Flip Video. Setting out late […]

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The Easter Bunny has paid a visit to Kaizo HQ! 🐰 https://t.co/jyJnZsWyKv