Kaizo launches Mitsubishi Plastics’ X-BARRIER across Europe

Mitsubishi Plastics, a global manufacturer of plastic materials, has hired Kaizo to launch its new breakthrough product, X-BARRIER, in Europe. Kaizo is responsible for the European coordination of the product launch and is working with five of its Worldcom partners across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. X-BARRIER, the newest addition to Mitsubishi Plastics’ […]

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Not quite the usual extra hour in bed…

As part of our “sleep-well with COTTON USA” campaign we took to the streets of London in the world’s fastest motorised bed. The aim: to highlight the use of natural U.S. cotton in bed sheets and clothing to aid a better night’s sleep. To be honest, I had begun to get slightly nervous when my […]

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Kaizo and AZ Worldcom Japan promote UK investment in Japan

Throughout November Kaizo worked with AZ Worldcom Japan to promote UK investment in the Japanese economy. The successful promotion of the Invest Japan Symposium, held at the Institution of Engineering and Technology in London, attracted over 140 business leaders and government officials from the UK and Japan. Here’s a picture of our two teams working […]

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The Easter Bunny has paid a visit to Kaizo HQ! 🐰 https://t.co/jyJnZsWyKv