Word-of-Mouth ‘Made in China’

To most of us, myself included, it probably makes intuitive sense to expect consumers in emerging markets to be more susceptible to traditional, in-your-face forms of advertising. After all, people in those countries haven’t had as much time to become critical or even cynical about mass marketing. In addition, they are relatively inexperienced consumers, faced […]

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The debate about NPS goes on…

It has been almost four months now since I first blogged about current Net Promoter Score (NPS) debate among market research practitioners and academics. This month, the debate about NPS continues, as evident in a new critique of NPS’ predictive utility published in the Journal of Marketing. Since its publication, I have found myself involved […]

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‘How to work a rumour mill’ – FT

I just got back from a short vacation and noticed that the Financial Times published an article on WOM entitled ‘How to work a rumour mill’. The article features a sneak preview of a new article reporting WOM research by Prof Robert East at Kingston University. The author of the FT article, Robert Matthews, writes […]

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Congratulations to our clients @AudioAnalytic and @PureStorage for their wins last night in the @Awards_AI 3rd Glob… https://t.co/jbMgqLu9i3