New Year Predictions Please #12for11

ChimpHere are some collective thoughts from Kaizo PR on what 2011 may hold.  Which ones do you agree with? What are yours?

We’re offering a Flip MinoHD for the most inventive idea or prediction to be published here.

Please either leave your thoughts as a comment below,  or respond on Twitter including #12for11, by 5.30pm 15 December for a chance to win.


  • Muggle will be the new ‘funny’ religion in the Census
  • “Defriending”, “hashtag” and “frape” to enter the Oxford English Dictionary
  • #royalwedding most popular hashtag of 2011, with Palace becoming upset by guests tweeting from the wedding
  • ‘Bankrupt Breaks’ trend as Brits flock for weekends to Ireland, Portugal and Greece as economic woes increase bargains


  • One national newspaper will fold (no pun intended)

Social Media

  • Groupon initiates an IPO and exceeds a valuation of $2bn – unless Google buys them in the next few weeks


  • A bailed out bank will be sold to bolster the Treasury’s coffers


  • Cloud security breakthrough leads to more companies investing in it.  Subsequent EU directive developed to deal with mountain of redundant file servers


  • Channel Five will re-launch Big Brother
  • Mary from X Factor won’t outsell SuBo but will take on the role of Mama Morton in Chicago


  • England rugby team will come good and beat New Zealand in the World Cup final with Shontayne Hape scoring the winning try against the country of his birth


  • More pregnancies in the Cabinet to bolster declining appeal

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