Dear Santa…

The digital music and publishing industries have seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Thanks to devices such as the iPad and smart phones, newspapers have found new revenue streams and advertisers more innovative ways of engaging with consumers. But there’s something missing…

In the run up to Christmas, like everyone, I start thinking about presents my friends and family would like…the last Steig Larsson for Dad, the new Take That album for my sister. But thanks to Amazon and Apple a lot of my friends prefer to access these things via their Kindle or iPod. True, I could buy in a bulk-load of iTunes and Amazon vouchers – but how dull is that? As we all know in PR, all messages and materials should be tailored to our audience, non-specific vouchers feels like the equivalent of sending a badly worded mail merge to my nearest and dearest.

I’m no Steve Jobs, but surely we aren’t too far from being able to buy a voucher code for The Guardian’s iPad app or series three of The Inbetweeners on iTunes for that special someone?

Part of the pleasure of present buying is about matching that perfect present with the perfect person and that’s what the digital publishing industry is missing out on.


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