Linksys WAG160N named Best Network Product

Broad smiles and whooping aplenty in the Kaizo office this morning as Linksys by Cisco’s WAG160N router was named Best Network Product at the Computer Shopper and Expert Reviews 2010 Awards last night! Kaizo was delighted to collect the shiny award on behalf of Linksys at The Langley in Covent Garden, where the free drinks, […]

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Is the PS3 old, fat and stupid or is this a clever marketing ploy by Sony?

News spread on Tuesday that a bug similar to Y2K sunk its teeth into Sony’s older ‘fat’ (or if we’re being PC, ‘horizontally challenged’) Playstation 3. As owners prepared themselves for the prospect of losing their saved games and being unable to play online, I couldn’t help but snigger. Many couldn’t even play in offline mode, leaving frustrated […]

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We are so proud of our amazing Account Manager Vicky who ran in the London Marathon yesterday! 😃 #SpiritOfLondon