Clever crowdsourcing or genuine gaff?

Call me a cynic but I’ve been reading the GAP logo ‘design’ story with increasing disbelief. Really? Did a global brand like Gap (who’s distinctive logo encapsulates so much of not only its brand value but also clothing designs) seriously approve a new logo more at home on 1980s software packaging than a trademark sweatshirt? […]

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Castrol’s Frankenstein footballer a hit with the press

The World Cup is fast approaching and the official sponsors are doing their bit in generating hype by dreaming up weird and wonderful PR campaigns. My personal favourite so far came from the PR agency of motor oil and lubricants brand Castrol, who recently launched the Castrol Index. It consists of geeky systems such as […]

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We are so proud of our amazing Account Manager Vicky who ran in the London Marathon yesterday! 😃 #SpiritOfLondon